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Contents :                     
- About 
- Requirements              
- Installation
- Homepage
- Troubleshooting


KSalomon is a vocabulary trainer for Kde 3.
It is opensource software written with the Qt and KDE Libraries.
The program is based on the "Leitner" learning system:
 The concept is a card index box in which you can drop several vocabulary files.
 Known words move into folders where they aren't asked very often again. 
 Forgotten words, on the other side, 
 stay in the first folders and will be asked again and again.
I would like to ask you for your feedback here.
KSalomon is still under heavy development and saying some words of
what you like and what could be improved would help me very much in the
further development.
E-Mail: michael.scondo@arcor.de


Kdelibs 3
Qt 3
Automake 1.7

IPC support by the kernel
netpbm		( hevea and netpbm are needed for latex support )


Necessary steps in short:
tar -xzf ksalomon[VERSION].tgz			# untar KSalomon, please replace [VERSION]
																   # with the appropriate filename
cd ksalomon[VERSION]		       		# go into the source directory
./configure				       					# run configure
su																# get root
make install
KSalomon should be installed now.
should start it now - happy learning !

If configure says something like Qt not found, try 
./configure --with-qt-dir=/your_directory 
Please replace your_directory with the appropriate path.
On most systems it's /usr.

If this doesn't help, you could try
./configure --with-qt-libs=/your_qtlibs_path --with-qt-includes=/your_qtincludes_path

To find the your_qtlibs_path run [locate "litqb-mt.so"].
The path in which the file has been found should be the right directory.
your_qtinclude_path can be found with [locate "qwidget.h"].

You can get more infos with [./configure --help]

If that all doesn't help or you think the information is insufficient, please mail me.




If you should experience troubles, please tell me about them.
If you find a bug in the ksalomon, which crashes the app, you can help me
by explaining how I can reproduce the crash.

Running ksalomon in a terminal with the parameter --debug will also produce 
a lot of debug information, which could help me, too.

To send it to me, please open a terminal and run something like:

bash# ksalomon --debug > debug.log
bash# gzip debug.log

This will end in a file debug.log.gz, which can help me to find the problem.

I hope that KSalomon is useful to you..

Michael Scondo