2007/04/03 0.1.7-beta

Added some documentation in the form of "hints"
This release contains mainly bugfixes since 0.1.6

2007/03/02 Ksalomon is alive

Development is just slow..
However, hopefully the first stable release is soon to come.
For now, I'd recommend using the development version, since there are many bugfixes.

2005/12/18 KSalomon 0.1.6-beta

Bugfixing. Bugfixing. Bugfixing.
This is a maintenance release.

2005/01/27 KSalomon was awarded the third prize !

Qtforum announced the winners of the QtForum.org programming contest, sponsored by Trolltech.
KSalomon was awarded the third prize, read more:http://www.qtforum.org/thread.php?postid=21864

I'm very proud of this success !
Strongly encouraged I'm just now trying to improve this website. The first regular release should also come soon, so please send me your ctriticism and suggestions..
Thanks to all who support me !

2004/09/04 KSalomon 0.1.5-beta

- Bugfixing
- Latex support for e.g. mathematic expressions
- patch applied, bugfixing ( Thanks goes to Sven Hoexter )

This may be the last beta release, since the application seems to be stable enough for switching to regular releases.

2004/06/21 KSalomon 0.1.4-beta

2 months of development - the most important changes :
- Pictures can be added to the words
- Export / Import of the kvtml file format
- Bugfixing
- Arts support

2004/04/11 KSalomon 0.1.3-beta-r1

Some people reported troubles with compiling, so I decided to rewrite the Makefiles.
Released a package for Debian Sid.

2004/04/06 KSalomon 0.1.3-beta

After one month of testing there's now the first beta version.
The user interface is nearly complete now and a few other features like a charmap for entering special chars with the mouse have been added.

2004/03/19 KSalomon 0.1.2-alpha released


2004/03/08 KSalomon 0.1.1-alpha released

Although I'm still heavily coding, I decided to release now.
I think that I've reached a point now, where the program is quite useful. And since I'm learning Latin with KSalomon for half a year and didn't experience severe bugs, I hope that it could help you learning, too.
There's also the hope on some tips and suggestions for what to do next / what to change, so please tell me..

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