KSalomon -- Changelog

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2007-04-13 0.1.8-pre4

2007-04-10 0.1.8-pre3
Fixed some incompatibilities with changes of the Qt library

2007-04-03 0.1.7-beta
Added some documentation, viewable via "hints".
Mainly bugfixing since 0.1.6.

Patch of Timo Leise applied, fixing a latex generation problem. 

Fixed several Bugs
Added fontsize settings to the test options

	fixed rc search path 

Errormessages with showmessage now show also what the system reports via errno.
Two new Icons
Added some more verbosity to error messages
Replaced macro warning with kswarning

12/05/2005 0.1.6-beta

Soundfiles can now be copied from other sources

Fixed some bugs
patch applied, bugfixing ( Thanks goes to Sven Hoexter )
Latex support ( for mathematic expressions, ... )

26/6/2004 0.1.4-beta
added a "library"
fixed some bugs
Pictures can now be added to the words
Added sound support for arts 
Rewritten the Makefiles again.
Added import/export of kvtml files.
Append Folder / Remove last Folder Implemented
New files are now created as temporary files.
The Example is also created temporary.
KSalomon doesn't need to be installed anymore, because it tries very hard to find its 
application data now.

04/11/2004 0.1.3-beta-rev1
Recreated the Makefiles because some people weren't able to compile KSalomon

04/05/2004 0.1.3-beta
Improved the user interface ( Many changes )
Added a charmap for selecting special chars

03/18/2004 0.1.2-alpha
Fixed a bad bug ( Due to an absolute path pointing to my personal home directory the interface lacked all the menus on other
systems..  :-(     )

03/08/2004 0.1.1-alpha released