About KSalomon:

KSalomon is based on the so called Leitner Learning System.
The vocabulary is stored in a card index box, which can contain several vocabulary files on your hard drive.
The card index box is divided into several folders.

Normally, new words are entered into the first folder. Now, when they are tested, those words that have been answered correctly on first attempt, are moved into the second folder. If you didn't know them, they stay in the first folder. You'll be asked for these words again after your chosen number of words has been asked for. The total number of words you want to be tested is configurable - you don't have to slice your vocabulary files into handy bits.

When testing of the first folder is finished, you'll be tested on the next folder. Again, known words move up one folder. In the test options for each folder, you can choose what happens with those words in higher folders that you didn't remember correctly: they can either simply stay in the folder, move one down, or even go back into the very first folder.

This way, bit by bit, the words will advance into the higher folders, and you will be asked those words you know less often each time, while new words and words you don't know are constantly being tested and retested - until you know them.

About me:

I've started with the development of KSalomon 2 years ago, because I needed a vocabulary trainer and didn't find a programme which suited my needs. And since I'm very lazy, especially if I have to learn something, I thought about how I could learn most easily, and KSalomon is the result.
But it's also my fascination of making things work, which keeps me going with the development of KSalomon. Plus, people who find this programme useful make me very glad.

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